3 Tips From an Architect on Opening a Restaurant

So you’ve decided to take a big step in the culinary world and open a restaurant of your own. Perhaps you’ve talked to investors, managers, attorneys, and other experts to make sure your business plan is sound, but have you spoken to an architect? After all, the actual construction of your building and the creation of the interior are two of the largest investments you’ll be making, so this professional’s advice is critical for ensuring your new business gets off on the right foot.

An Architect’s Tips for Opening a New Restaurant

1. Give Yourself Enough Time

Once you’ve found the right site, you might be tempted to open as soon as possible. However, a tight deadline could force you to push back opening day if you run into a construction delay, which is often inevitable. Paying rent for a few months before you open will be worth it to ensure the first day of business goes smoothly.

2. Stick With the Plan

architectsChanging your mind about architectural details halfway through the project can cause cascading delays, not to mention the wasted money. Once you’ve settled on a plan with your architect, stick with it and keep moving forward until the project is finished.

3. Pay Attention to Branding

Many new restaurant owners spend a great deal of time perfecting recipes and deciding on a menu, but don’t neglect the importance of creating the right atmosphere. The decor inside your restaurant is an important part of your branding and sets you apart from the competition.