3 Essential Features of a Building’s Lobby

An office building with a beautiful and functional lobby can make an excellent first impression on visitors and clients. As a developer, you’ll want to incorporate features that appeal to potential buyers. Before you start working with a firm on the building design plans, here’s what you should know about creating an attractive lobby.  What […]

An Introduction to Biophilic Office Design

It can be unhealthy to spend too much time isolated from nature, but this is a fact of employment for many office workers. Fortunately, a new trend in commercial building design is helping to reconnect employees with the natural world during the normal workday.┬áIf you’re a developer interested in incorporating biophilic design into your upcoming […]

5 Tips for Creating a Sustainable Building Design

As a commercial developer, providing a sustainable building for businesses should be a priority. Incorporating sustainability into your building design will minimize heating and cooling costs and make the space more attractive to potential clients. Here are a few tips for creating a commercial space with this feature in mind. How to Incorporate Sustainability Into […]

4 Common Types of Ceilings Used in Corporate Architecture

If you have experience as a commercial developer, you likely know about the importance of corporate architecture. Employee productivity, consumer confidence, and maintenance costs are all affected by every aspect of the building, including its ceiling. Here are a few varieties of ceilings to consider when discussing the possibilities with a building designer. Which Ceilings […]

A Guide to Maximizing Natural Light in Office Building Design

Building design can impact your business in multiple ways, affecting customer impressions and employee behaviors. As you plan a new office construction, one of the most important factors to consider is the amount of natural light the interior receives. Ample sunlight can provide significant benefits for workers and businesses. Here’s a closer look at why you […]

3 Reasons to Renovate Your Office Building

Businesses undertake office renovations for many reasons, from accommodating more workers to adding features that boost productivity. However, it’s not always easy to recognize the need for a change, especially once you’ve grown accustomed to the existing layout. Here are a few reasons to consider discussing an office renovation with a design service. Why Should […]

4 Benefits of the Design-Build Approach to Construction Projects

When you’re managing a construction project, there’s a lot to take into account. The traditional design-bid-build process places several barriers between the design team and the contractors who actually construct the building. This creates ample opportunities for potentially expensive miscommunications and mistakes that are easily prevented when designers and builders work together from the start. […]

3 Tips for Designing an Office Lobby

An office lobby serves as a welcoming area for employees and visitors. The right design and layout can help businesses make a positive first impression and create a practical space for people to wait. Here are some basic concepts to consider as you work with a commercial architecture firm to make the most of the space. How to Design […]

3 Ways to Maximize Commercial Office Space

As a business owner, you look for ways to save money and increase productivity. Architects routinely transform inefficient workspaces into more useful and attractive places. These tried-and-true ideas may help you maximize your office space.  How to Make the Most Out of Your Business Work Area 1. Consult Employees & Monitor Space  To understand and maximize the space […]

3 Popular Types of Office Layouts

The layout of your office directly impacts your business’s productivity, atmosphere, and visual appeal. As you work with your architects, be sure to integrate a design that best supports workflow and comfort while offering a professional environment for both workers and clients. Here are a few common office layouts popular for their efficiency, organization, and aesthetics. […]