3 Office Design Trends That Boost Productivity

When it comes to commercial architecture, function and form are equally important. If you own or manage an office, for example, its layout should facilitate productivity while impressing prospective clients. Fortunately, there are several ingenious trends that can do both. Here are a few of the most popular ways to boost productivity without taking away from the workspace’s aesthetic appeal.

How to Boost Productivity in the Office 

1. Provide Plenty of Storage

Not only is clutter a major distraction, but it can also turn off potential clients. When they see a messy office, they’re inclined to question how attentive and professional the staff really is. By providing plenty of accessible storage, from cabinets to cubbyholes, your employees will become less distracted and more organized. 

2. Make Room for a Break Room

Encouraging the workforce to take periodic breaks might seem counterintuitive when it comes to productivity, but doing so can actually improve your bottom line. Employees who take regular breaks are more focused and creative and less likely to get burned out. They are also more motivated to take actionable steps to achieve long-term goals. Whether you’re building a new break room or remodeling an old one, consider including a fully stocked kitchen, fun activities like ping pong, and simple exercise equipment like balance balls. 

3. Control the Acoustics in Every Corner

Commercial architecture experts must keep acoustics in mind from day one if they want to design a fully functional space. The office should be fairly quiet, so it’s essential to control ambient sound. However, conference rooms and other meeting spaces need some acoustic advantages so effective collaboration can occur. Fortunately, there are several ways to control the acoustics in an office space, from keeping recreational areas away from workspaces to installing carpeting that will absorb sound.