4 Recyclable Materials to Use in Your Building Construction

If you’re planning on putting up a new building in the near future, you’ll need more than just an experienced architect. You should also consider using recyclable and durable materials. Reused resources can reduce the cost of construction, save energy, and help the planet by reducing landfill waste. Below are a few examples of recyclable materials to use for your next project.

What Are the Best Recyclable Materials?

1. Barn Wood

Barns were built frequently in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and many of them are now being torn down. This wood material can be salvaged and recycled, and it can offer value for your next construction project. Barn wood can be used to build walls, ceilings, and hardwood floors. You can even use recycled wood in accent pieces such as bedposts, credenzas, and countertops to give the space a rustic feel. 

2. Glass

Glass is considered one of the top recycled materials, but millions of pounds end up in the garbage dumps. In fact, just about one-third of glass gets recycled. If an architect is helping you design a building, discuss how you can use recycled glass to create accent walls, countertops, windows, or doors.

3. Wine Cork Panels

Many people throw away their corks after finishing a bottle of wine and think nothing of it. However, these corks can be recycled into cork panels and used as a building flooring material. Cork flooring has excellent insulation, is extremely durable, and is easy to maintain.

4. Denim

Denim isn’t just a great material for clothing. It’s also an effective insulation material for attics, walls, and floors. When discussing your construction project with your architect, consider using denim, as it’s environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Using this insulation can reduce your energy bills and can eliminate heat loss.