What You Need to Consider Before Buying a Property

Thinking about buying a property or existing building? Before you do, consult with an architecture firm to make sure you can use the property as you intend to. At Pardi Partnership Architects PC in Rochester, NY, their specialists know many people make the mistake of purchasing a parcel of land or structure without researching the factors that could restrict how they use it. Before you make this major financial commitment, hire them to ensure you’re not wasting your money.

Why You Need to Consult an Architecture Firm Before Buying Property

Environmental Restrictions

The way you plan to use the property may violate environmental regulations. If there are nearby wetlands, for instance, you can’t store or use potentially harmful chemicals. If there were previous spills on the property, you need to supply your contractors with the necessary environmental reports to ensure their safety.

Zoning Laws

The zoning laws of a given municipality determine what types of developments are permitted. For example, you normally can’t build a commercial development in a residential zone. And depending on your plans, factors such as boundary line setbacks and preserved areas could prevent you from using the land according to your needs.

Preservation Districts

If you buy land with historic structures on or near it, the municipality might prevent you from making substantial changes. An architecture firm will review all the historic districts in the area before you make your purchase.

Community Involvement

Sometimes, the members of a community support a new development, especially if they believe it will boost the local economy. In other cases, such as installing telecommunications facilities or other eyesores, the community will protest the project.