4 Commercial Construction Trends for 2021

The needs of businesses are constantly changing, so construction companies need to adapt their offerings to provide the features and building styles their clients are looking for. A commercial architecture firm can help your construction team come up with a plan to integrate new trends into your projects. Here are some areas you may be focusing on this year. 

What to Expect in the Commercial Construction Industry in 2021

1. Adaptable Spaces

This past year taught business owners the importance of adaptability. Since many tenants and building owners will likely be looking for spaces that can change with their needs, construction firms should focus on providing adaptable designs. This may include open designs with walls and interior features that can change with a company’s needs, or even modular designs where facilities are built with multiple sections. 

2. Clean Materials


The focus on green building materials is likely to shift in 2021. It’s no longer just about the carbon footprint of an item; building owners and tenants want to know that the materials in their buildings don’t include chemicals or potentially toxic byproducts. Natural materials like wood and clay plaster may start to gain market share over synthetics like plastics. 

3. Focus on Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency continues to be a major focus in commercial spaces. Building designs that allow an easy flow of air, like those with open spaces, can improve HVAC efficiency. 

Many buildings also integrate solar panels and efficient LED lighting. Getting new buildings certified by government bodies like Energy Star® may help certain properties stand out to potential buyers or clients. 

4. Smart Building Features

Technology has changed the way companies operate. Smart building features like lights, security systems, and HVAC systems can make properties more energy-efficient and user-friendly. Incorporating these features into a building simplifies the startup process for owners, so expect to see more of this included in construction projects this year.