3 Reasons Building Facades Are Important

The facade is the first glimpse most visitors get of a building, making it a crucial component of any architectural design. Unfortunately, many developers focus on the utility and efficiency of interior spaces, often overlooking this powerful element. If you’re planning a commercial architecture project, here are a few reasons to concentrate on creating the […]

4 Commercial Construction Trends for 2021

The needs of businesses are constantly changing, so construction companies need to adapt their offerings to provide the features and building styles their clients are looking for. A commercial architecture firm can help your construction team come up with a plan to integrate new trends into your projects. Here are some areas you may be […]

4 Tips for Designing a Great Dog Park

A high-quality dog park is a fantastic addition to any residential community, making your development more attractive to those who like to keep their pets active and socialized. However, designing a pleasant park that both humans and dogs will love can be more complex than it initially appears. Below are a few factors professional architects […]

3 Ways to Make Your Architectural Design Eco-Friendly

With environmental issues and concerns becoming more relevant in American society, sustainable architecture is following suit. Many building owners and construction companies have made eco-friendly design a priority. If you’re interested in green building, consider the following ways to incorporate sustainability into your building design. How to Make Your Building Design Eco-friendly 1. Installing Efficient Lighting […]