4 Benefits of the Design-Build Approach to Construction Projects

When you’re managing a construction project, there’s a lot to take into account. The traditional design-bid-build process places several barriers between the design team and the contractors who actually construct the building. This creates ample opportunities for potentially expensive miscommunications and mistakes that are easily prevented when designers and builders work together from the start. Here’s how the design-build approach ensures that the project will go smoothly.

What Are the Advantages of Design-Build for Construction?

1. Early Problem-Solving

Sometimes, architectural or engineering issues become apparent after the construction begins. For instance, important components of the HVAC system may be difficult to access, or electrical circuits may be missing.

The design-build process is a collaborative approach that gives builders direct input into the plans. By taking their insight into account, architects can eliminate most issues before the site preparation begins.

2. Streamlined Communication


Most building projects involve coordinating activities between dozens of contractors, each of whom might be working with different material suppliers. This increases the chances of miscommunication or scheduling conflicts, which could cause potentially expensive delays.

The design-build method keeps everyone working as one team and allows design-build contractors to streamline communications systems. Each crew member will receive prompt updates regarding building alterations or scheduling changes so that everyone remains on the same page.

3. Full Accountability

Determining responsibility for problems on a construction site can be challenging. If a delay occurs, the electrician may try to shift blame to the general contractor, or the excavator may point to faults in the design.

Hiring a design-build contractor eliminates the frustration since one team is responsible for every phase of the project. This makes it easier to hold your builders accountable and resolve problems as quickly as possible.

4. Accurate Budgets

Under the traditional design-bid-build model, unexpected fees and price increases can more than double your construction costs. Design-build companies have control over the entire project, making it easier to create accurate budgets. The quote you receive will include the full scope of work, from architectural designs to landscaping and building permits.