3 Essential Features of a Building’s Lobby

An office building with a beautiful and functional lobby can make an excellent first impression on visitors and clients. As a developer, you’ll want to incorporate features that appeal to potential buyers. Before you start working with a firm on the building design plans, here’s what you should know about creating an attractive lobby. 

What Design Elements Are Needed in a Building’s Lobby?

1. Inviting Lighting

Every lobby needs fixtures that deliver warm and welcoming illumination since a poorly-lit space can appear claustrophobic and dreary. Instead of having one type of lighting scheme, the building design plans should include several kinds. 

For example, more ambient options can create a soothing environment in lounging sections. For the receptionist’s area, task lighting may be necessary for viewing computer screens, files, and other work-related items. You should also consider fixtures that complement natural light to further enhance the lobby’s aesthetic.

2. Ample Square Footage


Whether it’s a hotel or a real estate office, lobbies have morphed into larger communal spaces. Guests and clients enjoy having ample room to move about, enjoy coffee, read periodicals and have private phone conversations. As such, you should consider creating a lobby that provides significant square footage. 

The building design plans could incorporate enough space to comfortably lounge with furniture like couches and armchairs and enough room to accommodate foot traffic without visitors feeling cramped. The area should also be compliant with Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines to accommodate individuals with physical impairments. 

3. Comfort Features

Establishing a space that appeals to different senses is another essential inclusion in lobby design. For example, a dedicated heating and cooling system will ensure the area provides reliable comfort year-round. 

State-of-the-art sound systems with the acoustics to deliver pleasing background music can create a relaxing environment. Building design elements like water features and foliage are also ideal for enhancing the lobby’s overall aesthetic.