5 Popular House Styles

Architecture, which has been around since the Neolithic era, has a rich history in the U.S. A variety of new housing styles have emerged since then, all featuring unique elements that make them stand out from one another. If you’re interested in moving but aren’t sure what style of home you want, check out five of these […]

3 Ways to Incorporate Solar Energy Into Your Building Design

Solar panels are an increasingly popular way to meet the energy demands of commercial buildings and even large-scale industrial facilities. Incorporating solar energy into your building design can dramatically reduce your long-term operating costs, as well as your business’s impact on the environment. Whether you’re adapting an underused structure or putting up a new office […]

3 Factors to Think About When Converting Warehouses Into Offices

Old warehouses usually feature footprints, wide open spaces, and interesting architectural details, making them ideal for adaptive reuse. These buildings make especially nice office spaces, offering open floor plans with the flexibility to shape the area to your needs. If you’re considering converting an existing warehouse into an office, here are a few key elements […]