How Does Building Design Impact the Workplace?

Sound building design does much more than give an office greater curb appeal. The interior design choices you make can actually impact the day to day working experience. This will directly influence the productivity and satisfaction of your employees. With the right design elements, you will be able to create a place where everyone loves […]

How to Protect Your Property During Construction

An architect can help you design a structure for your home or business that’s totally secure once the project is complete. As long as the property is under construction, however, the site may be vulnerable. Thieves are opportunistic, and a chaotic construction site provides easy access to building materials and other valuables. Thankfully, developers, contractors, and homeowners can protect their […]

4 Tips for Designing a Great Dog Park

A high-quality dog park is a fantastic addition to any residential community, making your development more attractive to those who like to keep their pets active and socialized. However, designing a pleasant park that both humans and dogs will love can be more complex than it initially appears. Below are a few factors professional architects […]

3 Ways to Incorporate Solar Energy Into Your Building Design

Solar panels are an increasingly popular way to meet the energy demands of commercial buildings and even large-scale industrial facilities. Incorporating solar energy into your building design can dramatically reduce your long-term operating costs, as well as your business’s impact on the environment. Whether you’re adapting an underused structure or putting up a new office […]

3 Ways to Make Your Architectural Design Eco-Friendly

With environmental issues and concerns becoming more relevant in American society, sustainable architecture is following suit. Many building owners and construction companies have made eco-friendly design a priority. If you’re interested in green building, consider the following ways to incorporate sustainability into your building design. How to Make Your Building Design Eco-friendly 1. Installing Efficient Lighting […]

An Introduction to New York’s Energy Efficiency Codes

Building codes usually exist to protect the safety of occupants or preserve a neighborhood’s character, but New York State has additional requirements. Under the Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State, every new development or substantial renovation must meet efficiency requirements that can affect every aspect of your building design, from the basement windows […]

How Urban Green Spaces Benefit Commercial Architecture

While aesthetically-pleasing eateries and public transportation stations seem to be on every corner, it’s much harder to find nature in the midst of a big city. Luckily, many developers are choosing to add urban green spaces to their commercial architecture projects, such as rooftop gardens, patios, and parks. Below are some of the ways these small additions can […]

Key Steps for Successfully Restoring Your Old Cottage

Old cottages and bungalows carry a unique charm that many modern structures just can’t match, including classic details and even hand-made materials. Restoring a small home to its former glory is almost always worthwhile, but it can be a demanding project that requires the expertise of an experienced architect. Once you’ve decided to start renovations, […]

Should You Add Short-Term Rentals to Your Multi-Family Housing Project?

In recent years, travelers have been looking for short-term rentals that offer more conveniences and comforts than the traditional hotel experience. A surge in demand for short-term rentals presents some exciting opportunities to anyone planning a new multi-family development, including the ability to attract new business and close revenue gaps. An increasing number of property owners […]