What is Adaptive Reuse & How Can It Benefit Commercial Architecture?

When it comes to modern building design, the team at Pardi Partnership Architects PC understands how important it is to not only deliver impeccable architecture but also provide solutions that are cost-effective and eco-friendly. As such, this commercial architecture firm in Rochester, NY, has mastered the art of adaptive reuse—an innovative approach to breathing new life into […]

3 Ways Building Design Can Affect Your Business

Building design is an integral part of ensuring your business has an amazing structure when it is completed. Typically, an architect will be responsible for planning and designing the construction. They will often work with a building engineer and the business owner to come up with commercial architecture that will inevitably help the business succeed. At […]

3 Different Architecture Types Explained by Pardi Partnership Architects

Architecture is defined as the process of designing and erecting buildings. It falls into a variety of styles, including classical, Gothic, and Romanesque, as well as types. Pardi Partnership Architects PC in Rochester, NY, offers outstanding services in each type of architecture and lend their 60+ years of cumulative professional experience to a wide variety of […]

3 Qualities of Appealing Building Design

Building design is as much an art as it is a science. While the goal of an architect should be to envision a building that serves a practical purpose, that doesn’t mean they’re restricted to designing something that will be cold and lifeless. If you’re planning a new project, it pays to hire a building […]

3 Factors to Think About When Converting Warehouses Into Offices

Old warehouses usually feature footprints, wide open spaces, and interesting architectural details, making them ideal for adaptive reuse. These buildings make especially nice office spaces, offering open floor plans with the flexibility to shape the area to your needs. If you’re considering converting an existing warehouse into an office, here are a few key elements […]

3 Types of Metal Used in Home Construction

If you’re a developer, you know that a significant component of residential building design and construction is choosing which materials to use. Strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal support the selection of certain metals for building houses. Architects and builders often incorporate the following metals into their home construction plans. What Metals Are Used in Residential Building Construction? […]