4 Commercial Construction Trends for 2021

The needs of businesses are constantly changing, so construction companies need to adapt their offerings to provide the features and building styles their clients are looking for. A commercial architecture firm can help your construction team come up with a plan to integrate new trends into your projects. Here are some areas you may be […]

3 Tips for Designing an Office Lobby

An office lobby serves as a welcoming area for employees and visitors. The right design and layout can help businesses make a positive first impression and create a practical space for people to wait. Here are some basic concepts to consider as you work with a commercial architecture firm to make the most of the space. How to Design […]

3 Ways to Maximize Commercial Office Space

As a business owner, you look for ways to save money and increase productivity. Architects routinely transform inefficient workspaces into more useful and attractive places. These tried-and-true ideas may help you maximize your office space.  How to Make the Most Out of Your Business Work Area 1. Consult Employees & Monitor Space  To understand and maximize the space […]

5 Types of Building Foundations

In addition to providing a structurally sound base for a construction project, a foundation also helps with load bearing and protects interior spaces from ground moisture. As investors or company owners look to have a new office erected, they’re often surprised to learn that there are several types of foundations to consider. During the building design phase […]

3 Popular Types of Office Layouts

The layout of your office directly impacts your business’s productivity, atmosphere, and visual appeal. As you work with your architects, be sure to integrate a design that best supports workflow and comfort while offering a professional environment for both workers and clients. Here are a few common office layouts popular for their efficiency, organization, and aesthetics. […]

3 Design Strategies for Retail Stores

With more people engaged in social distancing, retailers continue looking for ways of giving customers the best in-store experience possible within new guidelines. As the numbers of online shoppers increase, innovative and practical building designs are crucial to attracting people to brick-and-mortar facilities. Whether you are planning to construct a single stand-alone store or a […]

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3 Types of Metal Used in Home Construction

If you’re a developer, you know that a significant component of residential building design and construction is choosing which materials to use. Strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal support the selection of certain metals for building houses. Architects and builders often incorporate the following metals into their home construction plans. What Metals Are Used in Residential Building Construction? […]

4 Recyclable Materials to Use in Your Building Construction

If you’re planning on putting up a new building in the near future, you’ll need more than just an experienced architect. You should also consider using recyclable and durable materials. Reused resources can reduce the cost of construction, save energy, and help the planet by reducing landfill waste. Below are a few examples of recyclable materials to […]

5 Popular House Styles

Architecture, which has been around since the Neolithic era, has a rich history in the U.S. A variety of new housing styles have emerged since then, all featuring unique elements that make them stand out from one another. If you’re interested in moving but aren’t sure what style of home you want, check out five of these […]

3 Reasons to Include a Basement in Your Custom Home Design

With a custom home, you have the ability to personalize every aspect of the building design. While many property owners automatically envision construction upwards, the value of building below the surface is often overlooked. In fact, basements offer a long-list of functional benefits. Below is a closer look at the top three reasons to include […]